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New Playable WoW Race : Pandaren




MoP Pandaren Classes

  • Available Classes: Hunter | Mage | Monk | Priest | Rogue | Shaman | Warrior

  • Faction: Pandaren may choose to become Alliance or Horde at level 10

  • Origin: Pandaren come from Pandaria, a land that has been shrouded in mist for ten thousand years

  • Racial Mount: Cloud Serpent


Racial Abilities

MoP Pandaren Racials

  • Epicurean: Stat benefits from food increased by 100%

  • Gourmand: Cooking skill increased by 15

  • Inner Peace: Rested experience bonus lasts twice as long

  • Bouncy: 50% less falling damage

  • Quaking Palm: Put an enemy target to sleep for 3 sec

Pandaren Female and Male Character Models

          Pandaren have a rich history that stretches thousands of years back even before the sundering of the world. At first they were oppressed by the mighty Mogu, but through revolution the Pandaren were able to recapture and rule Pandaria.

          To protect Pandaria from the demons who overwhelmed Azeroth during the sundering, the last Pandaren emperor covered Pandaria in a mist that left their world disconnected for ten thousand years.

          Long ago some Pandaren began to settle on the back of a giant turtle named Shen-zin Su. They sought to explore the world beyond the mists of Pandaria. When they encounter Alliance and Horde members deep in the South Seas, each Pandaren must make a choice of which faction they will support.



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Mists of Pandaria will focus on the continuing battle between Alliance and Horde. More breaking MoP news can be found here at

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New playable race! Not only is the Pandaren race being rediscovered in Azeroth, both Alliance and Horde players will be able to create and play Pandaren characters.

Pandaren Race




WoW MoP expansion

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WoW Expansion

At BlizzCon 2011 Mists of Pandaria MoP was announced as the new WoW expansion!

MoP Features


Mists of Pandaria World of Warcraft Expansion


Monk Class

Along with a new playable Pandaren race, MoP will also introduce the Monk class with a martial arts focus!

WoW Monk Class



WoW Monk


MoP Release Date

Current MoP release date speculation is Spring of 2012

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Mists of Pandaria




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