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New Feature : Challenge Mode


Challenge Modes

Challenge Modes

          Challenge Modes are the new DPS meters. Your DPS, HPS, or TPS; whatever you used to compete versus other WoW Players with is finally going to be exposed as an inaccurate gauge of skill. Arenas helped to separate the pros from the scrubs in PvP. Now PvE gets their own test of skill.

          Challenge Modes are timed dungeon runs. The objective is to defeat all the dungeon's bosses as quickly as possible. It doesn't matter what gear each group member has, everyone will be assigned equal equipment in a Challenge Mode dungeon run. The better your time, the higher you rank, and the better the rewards.


Challenge Mode Info

  • Initially Challenge Modes will only be available for the new MoP dungeons. They are intended to be slightly harder than Heroics.

  • Medals can be earned based on the completion time of the dungeon (Gold, Silver, Bronze)

  • A leaderboard with the overall best times will show how your best times rank vs. others. Challenge modes will not have world rankings at first. They will have region rankings on their website.

  • Equipment will be normalized. This means that everyone will have an equal chance to break the record regardless of their equipment.

  • Rewards will be awesome looking vanity items, Valor Points, Mounts, Titles and of course bragging rights.

  • Collecting all the gold medals will reward the player with a unique epic mount called the flying Kwai-Lan, which will not be rewarded any other way. It is similar to one of those Chinese dog statues with a Mogu like head.

  • You will be able to check your Challenge Mode stats in a new tab integrated into the UI.






MoP Features







Mists of Pandaria will focus on the continuing battle between Alliance and Horde. More breaking MoP news can be found here at

MoP News






New playable race! Not only is the Pandaren race being rediscovered in Azeroth, both Alliance and Horde players will be able to create and play Pandaren characters.

Pandaren Race




WoW MoP expansion

WoW MoP News


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WoW Expansion

At BlizzCon 2011 Mists of Pandaria MoP was announced as the new WoW expansion!

MoP Features


Mists of Pandaria World of Warcraft Expansion


Monk Class

Along with a new playable Pandaren race, MoP will also introduce the Monk class with a martial arts focus!

WoW Monk Class



WoW Monk


MoP Release Date

Current MoP release date speculation is Spring of 2012

Pre-Order MoP


Mists of Pandaria




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