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New Feature : Pet Battles


Pet Battles (WoW Pokemon)

WoW Pet Battles

          Vanity pets have been largely ignored by many players as they only serve a vanity, achivement, or role-play purpose. Pet Battles will change all that. This new mini game being added in MoP will assign much more value to your little loyal friends that stay so patiently by your side.

          Pet battles will involve both PvE and PvP mini-gameplay. The PvP system will allow you to pit your team of 3 against another player's team of vanity pets using an arena-like queue system. The combat will be simple and will be on a turn-based system. The PvE aspect will allow players to challenge an NPC's team, or even encounter new vanity pets in the wild under certain conditions. If you find a wild pet, challenge it with your own. If you defeat the wild pet, you will add it to your collection!


Companion Pet Customization

  • Customize your companion pets with skills via NPC pet trainers. Some trainers will challenge you to a pet duel before teaching you a new ability.

  • Name your companion pets.

  • Find and equip items for your pets.

  • Gain experience and unlock new abilities by challenging other teams in pet battles.

  • Pets will have different roles based on abilities just like player classes. Optimal team combos just like arena will be used for Pet Battle strategy.


PvP Pet Battles

  • Queue system like arenas to find challenge matches.

  • Battle in a 3v3 team system.

  • Turn-based combat system with very simple combat controls.

  • Players will be able to switch between the selected pets mid fight.

  • For a more casual feel, only the number of wins will be tracked and losses ignored.


PvE Pet Battles

  • NPC will be added that would like nothing more than to challenge their pets against yours.

  • Find wild pets while exploring. Challenge them with your own pet in battle. If you manage to defeat a wild pet, then it will be added to your collection.

  • There are roughly 100 wild pets across Azeroth to collect.

  • Some wild pets are extremely rare and very powerful if acquired. Some will only be available under certain conditions such as weather, time of day, zone, season, etc.

  • Turn-based combat system with very simple combat controls.



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Mists of Pandaria will focus on the continuing battle between Alliance and Horde. More breaking MoP news can be found here at

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New playable race! Not only is the Pandaren race being rediscovered in Azeroth, both Alliance and Horde players will be able to create and play Pandaren characters.

Pandaren Race




WoW MoP expansion

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WoW Expansion

At BlizzCon 2011 Mists of Pandaria MoP was announced as the new WoW expansion!

MoP Features


Mists of Pandaria World of Warcraft Expansion


Monk Class

Along with a new playable Pandaren race, MoP will also introduce the Monk class with a martial arts focus!

WoW Monk Class



WoW Monk


MoP Release Date

Current MoP release date speculation is Spring of 2012

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